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James Franklin Jollett 1836-1930
James Franklin Jollett
James Jollett & Nancy Walker
  1. Lucy Walker Jollett (James) & Peter Marsh
  2. Clarissa Jollett (James) & John Sampson
  3. Sarah "Sallie" Jollett (James) & William Sampson
  4. Elizabeth Jollett (James) & Reuben King
  5. Tabatha Jollett (James)
  6. Drada Jollett (James) & George Sampson
  7. Malinda Jollett (James) & Thomas Marsh 4 gen
  8. Fielding Jollett (James) & Ann Stoutemire
  9. Fielding Jollett (James) & Mary Ann Armentrout
  10. Simeon Jollett (James) & Nancy Glass
  11. James Jollett Jr. (James)

Sophia Jollett & Cuthbert Norman

Mary Jollett & John Dodgens Forrester

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